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Default Child support order details

No seperation agreement, just an order for primary care and control with shared custody. I am now going in with no lawyer to ask for a child support order for just basic child support as per the guidelines chart they supply online. Ex prob won't show up, I assume I have to tell the judge exactly what I want in the order....or do they just do it up properly for you. He will have to impute an income as well as she never shows up for any court related stuff and did not respond to the application. I will have to take the order if I get it to the family maintenance program so I want the order to be legit for them to enforce it immediately and without an issue. Would it be wise to tell the judge that she probably won't show up if he sets another date or sets an fcc...or just let him do what he wants without suggesting. It seems like these family court days the judge likes to whip through everyone quickly.
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