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What I'm getting at is if you plan your parenting schedule around your work, expecially if it removes the possibility of you being an equal time sharing parent then you are effectively making your ex 'The' parent and you the wallet who takes them when he 'can'.

It is absolutely acceptable to make use of childcare when necessary to accomodate your job. Most families do at some point or another.

You are setting yourself up for many years of conflict as your work schedule changes over and over, not to mention giving her the perfect excuse to consistently deny you equal time with the kids. "You can't have them because you're working." will be the reason every single time you request a change, not because she said you couldn't handle having your kids while working, like most other parents, you're telling her you can't handle having the kids while working.

I've seen it over and over, people who make their parenting schedule around work instead of the other way around spending years in court and thousands on lawyers.

I assume you work the hours you do because when you were married the marital relationship allowed you to do that. You're no longer in the marital relationship that allowed you to do that and so you choose to either change your job to accomodate your responsibilities as a parent or you change your views and expectations of being an equal parent.
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