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Already began the court process, waiting on report from OCL(section 112 I believe, Social worker).

Have one daughter (D5) whom is five from common-law relationship. We have been separated for 9 months now.

Have 50/50 now after I signed temporary minutes of settlement, which I felt was fair to both parties. I had to get Court order as ex was threatening flight with our child.

I am the Applicant in our case. Have already exhausted my savings in the court process, and now have LAO. My lawyer accepts many legal aid cases and is highly overworked. I am hoping to find a new lawyer which does not accept as many legal aid cases and would hopefully have more time for my case. Any recommendations for some in the Hamilton area would be greatly welcomed.

No co parenting is going on. Ex lies in all court documents, doesn't follow our Court Order, and plans on moving our child out of province where D5 has no family or friends to continue one of her extra material relationships. I know this cannot happen unless a judge orders ex sole custody.
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