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Default Legal Aid Gives You Wings!

Originally Posted by Newfie76 View Post
No I did not agree to it!!! I was forced to sign the papers as I was threatened with legal aid against me. She gets free lawyers while I get a bill for $60K. I signed with a $60K revolver put to my head by my ex-wife.
Legal Aid gives you wings. I dealt with it .. WorkingDad dealt with it. In fact WD coined the phrase "Legal Aid Gives You Wings" and the judge used it often in the case notes. Look him up, he's a member here.

I STILL have a sour taste in my mouth about my ex's rampage with Legal Aid. It truly is disgusting what they do for some (not all).

Just self-rep and wait their antics out, research, study FLA's/Caselaw and whoop their sorry ass' in court. Most scummy Legal Aid lawyer's have multiple cases and simply delay and cause conflict to force the OP to bow down. Dont bow down.
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