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Thanks arabian,

I am already in the court phase now, at CC judge asked OCL to see if they would step in, they did and have had 4 meetings already.

My situation is not great at all but far from the worst. My ex common law spouse of six years and I have one child together D5. After the ex was to intoxicated to care for our child one morning, I confronted her about her extra-marital affairs and fraud (she had been using our child to collect OW and they where threatening to come after me for child support, even though I have been there they whole time supporting our family) she agreed to move out shortly after(should have got this in writing), we agreed that she would come say goodnight to our daughter later that day. She did not care to even speak to our daughter when she arrived and just called the police to say she never said she agreed to move out. Police made her leave and required her to have a police escort if she wished to come back.

Very first chance I went to the court house to file the paper work so I guess I am the applicant in the matter, and only wished to get a court order so she could not flee with our child as she has threatened many times before. I signed a temporary minutes of settlement without counsel and was prepared by hers(she had legal aid from the beginning) that is 50/50 split week access because I thought this was very fair. Also to make sure she could not flee with our child her lawyer put in the our child must reside at a certain address with residing with her and my address residing with me. (kind of a big mistake as now our daughter is not allowed to sleep at our family cottage which is my secondary address and our daughter has her own room there and spent a lot of time during thee summer there).

At first i thought I was in a great position because all of her documents are full of lies most of which I can prove, then after coming here I found out this is standard practice in family law and no one will care.

She has also been in contempt of our current Court Order from abandoning our child in a home where she was attacked by a dog. I do have evidence to support my claim that would show beyond a reasonable doubt that she new what she was doing was wrong and just didn't care. Again after reading some topics on this sites it seems as if no one will care.

So know I am just having to defend myself against all the fake accusations and lies. I have already exhausted all my finances on lawyers and have legal aid now, however it seem my lawyer now has way to big of case load and not much time for me.

I would like to thank all the dads out there that have fought for 50/50 as I am. My ex would like me to have no say and EOW access.
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