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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Make sure you make note of those jobs. My partners lawyer explained how he would argue against an unemployed person by showing a list of jobs posted and asked whether he had applied. Whenever he applied for a job we logged it and kept all the "thank you for your application" automatic responses. His lawyer said that was enough to prove he was making a good effort.

She would need to show her efforts like going to a job place to update her resume, provide updated resumes, list proof of all the jobs applied to etc.
Oh, I'm sure she'll pull all the tricks to show her apparent efforts. It's just crappy to hear how she cant find any. I found one my first search. Why should I have to work 3 jobs, wiping sweat from my brow .. paying most the expenses for D5, bills piling up like crazy. Life would be perfect if it weren't for these financial woes and ex refusing to find work.
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