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Thank you for posting this!!

My Ex and I are planning to go through the same process. the 1 year mark of separation has finally passed. We want to file JUST for divorce and it is a Joint Application. WE have no kids and no shared assets... So, I imagine this should be pretty painless.. or so I hope

I have a few questions:
  1. Did you fill out 8A with both of you as "Applicants" and no respondent? or Only 1 and 1?
  2. Does form 25 need to be filled out prior to visiting the court?
  3. Did you need a copy of your marriage certificate? (I was married in Japan, so I believe I need to have it translated..... =\)
  4. Form 36: Same question... 2 applicants OR 1 applicant and 1 respondent?

Thank you!!
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