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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
Yeah, she gushes about how awesome it is because she thinks you'll forget about her utter resistance to it only months ago.
It really amazes me how one can go from allegation to allegation, denials of parenting time, etc .. to this. I will truly never forget her apologizing for the false allegations in the LAO SC. Not sure my family will ever entirely recuperate. That's the problem with allegations .. people just never know what to think (i.e - Johnny Depp). But it damn near ruined my life.

She fought so hard to keep her out of school .. now its the best thing since sliced cheese. Funny how all that works.
I hope that this EQOA week aside, you are able to take time off now and then to do things with your daughter?
lol .. no I can't. School officially ends June 30th. We have a ton of needs in the school and 6-7 autistic j/k's joining us in the new year. So I'm swamped making social stories, transitions, visual schedules, token boards/choice boards .. you name it.

But luckily I get every other week in the summer. So cant wait for that.

Enjoy this incredibly gorgeous weekend everybody!!

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