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It isn't fair, but it's legal. You signed. You agreed.

This is currently legal because there aren't enough male socialist feminists. Give it a few more generations and there shouldn't be many women with no education or work history for lovestruck fools like you to marry.

You vowed in a church (presumably) that you would look after this lazy woman for the rest of your life. You are being held to that. Her actions are nearly irrelevant in the eyes of the law.

You could have self-represented yourself in court. You chose to sign those papers to save $60k. Are you finding it's no longer worth it? Did you fight for 50-50 custody of your children? A socialist feminist would be surprised you didn't. A socialist feminist judge would have encouraged 50-50 with reasonable offset CS and as little SS as required, if any.

You still have recourse though. I assume you're paying SS as well as CS? After a year of her boyfriend living with her, look into having an income imputed to her. Also see what you can do to increase the time you spend with your children. They deserve to see a hardworking parent as a role model instead of just the lazy one.

I think you are pissed off at the system because it's harder to be pissed off at yourself for bending over and signing your wife's agreement. Now, take that anger, and devote it to working with what you've got instead of whining about what you didn't get.

Of course, it's still complete immoral stupidity that most legal battles are won by the rich over the poor, and that the system created to offset that (Legal Aid) just made it so that the completely broke also triumph over the poor.
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