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Default On the outside looking in.....

I went to college once finished high school, worked during my college years to pay for my own a great job in the federal government, moved around as part of my duties, good salary, great pension, benefits etc.

Then I fell in love with a woman with no education or work history, got married, had two amazing children. Then infidelity occurs. I forgive. Then infidelity occurs again...only this time I am told to move out of the house I built with my own two hands. I still loved this woman...

We settled with I paying her 50% of my salary, $150K from my pension and all the equity in the house. She has said she will not need to work when her boyfriend moves into the house. She has been fired from 2 jobs in 3 months and is now claiming she can not work ever due to an injury.

Today I drove by my old home to talk with my ex....only to find her boyfriend standing in the window of the home I built, while my two children jumped around the front yard. Then I realized that he took my wife, took my house, took my money and has my kids.....

AND HOW IS THIS LEGAL???? I want a socialist feminist to answer this question!!!
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