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Default Need a boost

Good day ODF'ers

Just a quick post today as I guess I'm a bit heavy hearted.

D4 has her big kindergarten concert today. She was practicing all night with us last night (which was her b-day BTW). :-)

She kept asking why I couldn't come. Since I'm scribing for special needs students right now for EQAO (and yes I'm on a little break right now S&T)'s simply no way I can get time off even if I wanted to. The students need me.

D4 asks why mommy gets to go to all the field trips, attend her concerts, etc. In my head I'm saying "she refuses to work ... most ppl in this world work unless they are unable to". Out loud I let her know that I wish I could be there but the she's so lucky that mom can go and that Im very proud of her".

If you recall my past posts I knew that these kindergarten concerts, etc would be fantastic experiences for her...and they are. It's just ironic to me how I spent countless hours and money to allow these opportunities while my ex fought it ... yet she still gets to be the champion attending the event.

I know what many will say ... D4's lucky to have one parent going, etc ... and I certainly don't want to come off as whiney. I think most parents in my situation would feel the same if their child was asking why they couldn't attend and the other one could. Guess I'm just a tad jealous that ex is reaping the benefits of all my hard work in court.

In the end I'll chalk it up as "it's not about me ... at least she has her mom to watch". I'll be off to impute income soon anyways. Paying full table CS with 50/50 while paying most things for D4 has not been easy financially. But having that 50/50 ... priceless.

Anybody have similar experiences?

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