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I just have a question in regards to the RESP.
I (mom) opened one when my son was 3 months old, I paid into it , as my ex didn't want any part of assisting with it. We were together at this time.
We split just before my son's 1st birthday and I continued with the RESP.

My mom (my sons grandparent) actually automatically deposits money into my bank account of 200 bucks and it then gets moved into the RESP.
So now there is a nice chunk in there to help with school when my son needs it.

Ex fights on every issue. But there has been nothing addressed about RESP's or post secondary education. At one point there was mention that my ex wanted education addressed by RESP money first being spent then my ex and I split the remainder by 50/50 (or really 75/25, if that's the case). this was ignored and dropped at that time.

Am I going to be blind sided by this? We haven't even reached the point of future education.

Any thoughts?

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