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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
Cost benefit analysis, as always.

Calculate what it would cost to live in residence without the commute but without 8 months of CS, and to live at home, with a lengthy commute and transportation costs, but still receive CS.

There are a lot of non-financial benefits to living in residence. Easy access to school facilities (library, gym, tutoring sessions, group project mates, etc) and ease of making friends come to mind right away.

This kid is going to spend 3 hours a DAY on a bus. Where it is hard to read and even harder to type. He'll be transferring buses twice a trip, in potentially horrid weather in winter. Buses may be delayed, causing him to be late for class, or an exam. A kid with 3 extra hours a day to focus on school may do MUCH better in his courses. Or he may be able to pick up a part time job on campus that helps pay his residence fees. His class schedule may be very wonky too. What if he has an 8:30am class, then hours and hours to spare, then a late afternoon class, or worse, an evening class? In residence, he could go study in his room, or have a nap if he had a late night, etc. He would also learn independence in residence, which might not happen if he lived at home where you could be relied on as his daytimer and deadline reminder and lunch packer.

Youre mixing up the kids. The youngest is going to a high school with an international bauc. program and has to bus there three hours. The oldest wants to live in residence at school an hour bus ride. The residence is more expensive than other schools.
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