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My partners lawyer told him it doesnt matter whats in his agreement, case law/jurisprudence are what sets the decision. His agreement is poorly written though and open to interpretation (his ex interprets it in her favour and he follows it to the letter).

Living in residence isnt all its cracked up to be and some kids sink rather than swim. Your son may do better being at home and it will teach him responsibility. Perhaps he can even help with his brother.

As awful as it is for the youngest, if he really wants this program than he will survive the travel. And there may be more options going forward.

We had one car growing up and scheduling who had to be where was a nightmare but we did it. My father paid nothing towards cs or school. We did it all ourselves. It taught us some very valuable lessons and your sons will see how much their father (doesnt) cares about them when hes unwilling to help on something as simple as transportation for school!
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