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eldest is nearly 18 and youngest is 14. Yes - BIG reality check for all is needed.

Eldest is working a new job and will get additional hours this summer. If he wants residence he's going to have to save as much as he can if he wants it enough. I've suggested getting a used car - I think it'll give him the independence he's ready for and is much more cost effective. If we were still married I would be suggesting the same thing. Parents shouldn't be expected to take on more than they can handle just because it's the child's "wish".

Youngest and I have exhausted all options for transportation to this school. (carpooling, private school bus, rideshare etc were all researched - even special requests to school bus co were no goes) We're down to public transit (3 hours travel a day on 6 buses) or taxi. Taxi obviously is the more expensive but youngest will be looking for a used car for himself (and paying for it) once he's sixteen. He's much more practical with $ than his brother but the expectation that he leaves the house at 5:45am to get to school is really unreasonable. He's handling the workload (90+% average) so I'm doing what I can to figure the rest out.
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