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I dont want to sound heartless but your kids are 18 or getting there yes? They want this program as well and it has added benefits to them? Its not unreasonable for a parent to say toughen up and do what you have to to get where you want to be. Its not like you are sitting at home watching talk shows, youre going to school to upgrade yourself. You are working hard yourself. Yes it sucks and will be tough but it isnt in vain.

Maybe sit down and look at all the costs and figure out what is and isnt reasonable. Also see if there are carpools or other options. There may be other kids in your area in the same boat. Google ride shares and talk to the school about bulletin boards. In the future will both kids be at the same school? Possibly look into a used car they can share. If its going to end in a fight with your ex and cost more money to get what is owed it might not be worth the fight.
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