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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Thats a tricky one. For the most part, if a child decides to incur the cost of residence when living at home is available then they would be on the hook for more of the expense. But cs may be more expensive than residence. You may want to compare cs totals against the cost of residence and determine which is more financially positive. In my partners case, his cs is actually higher than his share of residence. However, his kid has chosen now to live off campus which means the costs will be increased.
Residence is definitely more expensive than cs. By quick calculation it will cost payor just over $10,000 more per year vs paying cs while child lives at home. The cost of residence at this campus is quite high - the highest of all the schools he applied to and his contribution to post-secondary is 70%.

I try to look at these things (all s7 etc expenses) from the "what would we be paying if we were still married". In this case, I would agree that child would be commuting from home unless he could pay for it himself. Just wondered what the general consensus is as parents of divorce seem to be on the hook for post-secondary expenses while married parents really aren't.
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