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If there are no compelling issues I would see what you can do to work on your marriage instead. A divorce will end a lot more than just your relationship. It will end an entire way of life, all of the family and friend connections you have made over the years. It will devastate your finances. You will lose your home and be at a financial disadvantage for years probably forever. It's not something to take lightly just because you are bored or vaguely unhappy or you feel your partner isn't meeting your needs the way they once did. Those are issues that can be fixed. There are plenty of reasons for a divorce just ensure you have a good one before you push the self destruct button on your entire adult life.

Consider the following situation:
-Your house burns to the ground with everything inside. You have nothing left but the clothes on your back, maybe whatever you can fit in your car.
-Never mind the car, it got stolen while you watched the house burn.
-If you have any pension, investments or RRSPs, they all tank and lose 50% of their value. Worse than 2008 financial crisis.
-Now take your gross annual salary, take away 75% of it every month.

-So now you are homeless essentially making minimum wage.

This is where you should expect to be after a divorce. If this situation sounds better than the situation you are in now, then divorce is definitely the answer.
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