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Originally Posted by Tearsinheaven View Post
I have always believed in doing the best and preparing for the worst
As Links said, by far the most important two things are:

1) Make sure your wife has a job
2) Make sure you spend at least 50% of the time with the kids, including bringing them to half of dentist/doctor appointments etc.

I'll answer your questions anyway:

1: My parents are planning on give me some money for purchasing a vehicle. Is there anyway can I protect the money upon divorce? I.e. she will not get half of the money given by my parents.
Have them buy the car themselves, and then explicitly send you an email telling you that the car is a gift for you only. Gifts are not marital property. Note that you might still get screwed, so what I would really say is tell your parents to buy the car, and then you drive the car while they own it.

Note that this sum of money is more or less peanuts compared to what you can actually lose in the divorce. As the saying goes, don't miss the forest for the trees.

2 Ever since we were married, we have been having our separate personal account and a common account. Are our personal accounts considered marital property?
Absolutely. Pretty much no way around that one.

3 If one of us borrow large amount of money under only his/her name before divorce. Do both person responsible for the debt?
If it was before separation, and both parties were aware of the borrowing, I think it would be marital debt. Depends on how close to separation the borrowing took place, what was done with the money, etc.

If the money was used to buy stuff for both people, definitely marital debt. If the money was borrowed to fuel a gambling addiction, likely not
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