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Things will get better but they will get much worse first. You need to read up a lot. Women have it easy during divorce and men get screwed. You have to be very very smart about how you manage.

-What you want to do is maximize her revenue, let her work as much as possible. Encourage her (document it by email/text messages too)

-Maximize your time with the kids to ensure 50/50 residency (this has much more to do with how life will be in the future)

-Don't make many changes with money, don't get raises, don't lose your job.

-With kids involved and underemployed (if she is underemployed) women I suggest you get divorced as quickly as possible. For every day you stay married it costs you whatever you pay now per day to support her plus at least 25% of your salary for the length of the marriage. She isn't worth it. Unless of course she is actively looking for work then hold off to she finds full-time work and then divorce her.

The best thing to do is have minimal resources and assets right now. Though legally something might not be considered a judge might say "Oh your parents are giving you money so that counts as income"....

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