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Default New....have some questions on pending divorce

Hi guys, I am new here and sadly my marriage is near its end. Both my wife and I feel it. We stay together just for the sake of our children. We can still function as a family and be civil to each other, but it feels like a ticking time bomb, it bonds to go off sooner or later, hope it can last till our kids grow older.
I have always believed in doing the best and preparing for the worst, so, here are a couple of questions and hope somebody can help answer them.
1: My parents are planning on give me some money for purchasing a vehicle. Is there anyway can I protect the money upon divorce? I.e. she will not get half of the money given by my parents.

2 Ever since we were married, we have been having our separate personal account and a common account. Are our personal accounts considered marital property?

3 If one of us borrow large amount of money under only his/her name before divorce. Do both person responsible for the debt?

Thanks. I guess I will visit here often for awhile.
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