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Originally Posted by SadAndTired View Post
Oh please....

I am sure that the guy has a brain. You insult men everywhere by acting like they are simply pawns used by women.

He pursued her. He slept with her without a condom. He didn't have her sign a prenup. I am sure he knew the risk but did it anyway.

If he didn't want to pay for a child, he should have worn a condom, had a vasectomy or masturbated.
Haha... no pregnancy in the world is worth the milions of dollars that he will have to pay.

No rational person without direct knowledge of family law would ever conclude that a child could cost you tens of millions of dollars...

The sick twisted world of family law....
Q: "What do you do for a living"

A: "I got impregnated by a rich guy and left him the following week now I earn way more money than I ever imagined and I will be able to put away enough in my savings account to never have to work again"

Q: "You go girl - this is the equality we fought for!!"

A: "I'm gonna make him pay, that deadbeat!!"
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