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Form 20 is a tricky form. I still don't completely understand it.

I used it to ask for disclosure and I received a response from my ex's lawyer stating that FORM 20 was only for "child protection cases". But Tayken and other sources say different. Other's claim that FORM 20 is only for financial information.

Personally, I would send OP the FORM 20 and see what happens. I would also make a few calls and visit FLIC to ensure you took the right step.

There is indeed a new Family Law Rule stating that a witness may write an affidavit without showing up. But I think I read that you needed to get permission from the courts before making that move...through a quick 14B procedural motion. I might go the 14B route first (if FLIC agrees with me). OP may be counting on you "not" doing it to create a delay.

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