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Originally Posted by Janibel View Post
After reading your post I would agree with you that your case is not extreme BUT it is important that you obtain a restraining order before it gets worse ... as others have stated above, this kind of behavior usually gets worse with time as the perpetrator feels "safe" in the knowledge that his/her bad behavior has no consequences.

Punching in walls, harassing you at work and especially expressing aggressive behavior in front of your children is unacceptable.

If the police won't help you either a lawyer or a domestic violence shelter will. Press charges and get ready to testify in criminal court.

This will take months and there will be times when you will want to recant your statement (this is probably why police don't pursue the issue as most victims back down).

You have to do this for the sake of your children and your own safety. Just remember that no document can keep you 100% safe. Hopefully your EX will get the message once you call him out officially.

Best of luck to you,
From one who's been there.
That's exactly it. With each event, he has no fear of the police being called, because he knows there hasn't been any consequences and he just lies to them when they arrive. He's a sociopath, he's shameless pulls b.s. and starts crying in front of everyone to win them over, then makes jokes with them and laughs... It's quite disturbing to watch when you know the truth, but everyone just falls for it.

My biggest fear is that the courts fall for it too, rather than see him for what he is...
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