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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
From what you have said, a restraining order or peace bond seems like a good idea. This kind of behaviour rarely goes away on its own - you need something to ensure that you and ex are never in physical proximity, so he can't harass or attack you. As Arabian says, these orders are usually reciprocal (you can't go near him, just like he can't go near you). You may need to enlist the assistance of third parties if you have to transfer the kids between one parent and another once a mutual restraining order or peace bond is in place.

Definitely speak to a domestic violence shelter about the best way to accomplish this. They can also help you to decide whether to push the police about charging your ex for assault. Police forces in some jurisdictions are notorious for not taking "domestics" seriously - viewing them as just disagreements between a couple or as a distraction from "real" crime. Depending on what kind of police you're dealing with, seeking assault charges may or may not be a good use of your time, but there are other ways to keep him away from you, like restraining orders.
Thanks for chiming in. I agree.

I want to go to the police station to give my account of the events for the time the victims unit contacted him, and have everything on file, the way it actually happened. But after that, I'll be going to the court house for a restraining order / non-harassment order, or a peace bond which he will likely agree to, since he's now stating I am the culprit.
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