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Hi LovingFather32,

Thanks for taking the time to break all this down and actually listen, and provide your unbiased feedback. After 8 months of going through this, everyone has excused his behavior as "normal behavior after separation/divorce". It's extremely frustrating, and has left me to feel like I am alone vs the world, with no one to help.

I Agree that the police have been completely irrational and inappropriate and I was thinking of filing a complaint, but I don't want to put myself in a position where I'm "against" the police, because that's how it felt when they spoke to me on the 3rd incident. They TOLD me that he was a good father based on their interactions with him. I'm sorry but you can't determine that from a 1 hour conversation with a person, especially a sociopath who thrives at manipulating people and states "I love that I have everyone fooled".

I have pictures of everything, emails, texts, some recorded conversations, some recordings of him calling out to the children while he's pushing me, brainwashing them that I was the abuser (children are only 3 and 6 and always seem to respond to his brainwashing).

I feel like I need to go to the police to file a report to clarify all of the incidents and to clear up the 3rd incident where the victim's unit called him. The police failed to do their job, they spoke to him for over an hour, and then came to speak to me for 5 minutes, lecturing me about MY behavior. My boyfriend was in the car, and knew this was wrong, and questioned their intent. He straight up asked them what would be in the report, the cops slipped up on their words, and said that there would be nothing, except "there was an altercation and a drink was spilled". My boyfriend called B.S., near the end they were not listening to my side of the story and told us they had better things to do.

P.S. the boyfriend only showed up after the incident, to wait in his car with me, until the police arrived. He was not there during the incident, and he stayed on the street (public property) to avoid giving my ex any fuel for his "side".

You couldn't have said this better :

"Definitely bring up the past abuse also. You've already called the cops 3 times. There's a clear pattern. Balance of probabilities that something has to be wrong."
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