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Thank-you Arabian/Stripes & ele110,

I know that this, too will pass. My Ex dropped in yesterday to leave some gifts the kids had wrapped and told me that she was dating (although she was not surprised I knew, and seemed a bit embarrassed the dude dropped that info in that way).
In my heart I know that we had issues from the get go (although we made it work very well for almost 20 years). There was a lot that was unspoken, that I will never be able to figure out exactly why it went the way it did.
I've got to build an un-idealized version of her, without demonizing her.

Maybe this dude will make her happy.... and that would make me happy to see that. god knows I did my best and was unable to. Side benefit would be I get to drop SS. Maybe there are some silver linings to look forward too

Anyway, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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