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Your comments about observations of other couples who "seem to have it all figured out" brings to mind a situation that rocked me hard last year.

On one of those rare occasions when I spoke with my ex last year were talking about who we had seen recently and what they were doing etc. One couple we knew and were very close to at a time (he was my husband's best man at our wedding). I assumed that this couple were prospering and likely enjoying the fruits of their labours and enjoying early retirement without a care in the world. I recall not long after our divorce wistfully thinking that these people "had it made." I had lost touch with them over the years and never sought to reconnect after our divorce, partially out of sheer embarrassment that our marriage had ended so poorly. I was absolutely floored to hear that these two people had gone through a divorce and that the wife (according to what my ex told me that her husband relayed to him) had "drank herself to death." I recall that she had been in a serious MV accident but I never knew her to be a heavy drinker. She had a stellar career and was quite prominent. The two of them had, to me, an idyllic life. I also learned that litigation carried on after wife's death regarding daughter inheriting mother's estate. A terrible tragedy. These were exceptionally nice caring people.

I know many people were very surprised when my ex and I divorced. One never knows what goes on behind closed doors as all is not always as it seems.
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