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Thanks Arabian
'tis true. I know I am a different person. This is my 2nd divorce, the first one was mid-20's and it devastated me (I didn't date for 6 years). This time around.... it is painful, but I know it will pass. This awareness doesn't speed things, but it does dull the pain somewhat.

Given all that has transpired..... I can be thankful for a lot of things. The separation/divorce was low conflict, the kids have adapted, I'm more free than I have been in my whole life.

I always used to think that certain couples I knew had it all figured out... that they had perfected that "secret sauce" that makes it work. Then... I deluded myself into thinking I had it all nailed down.
Truth is: Nobody knows what they are doing.... You've just got to act honestly and open and hope that it works out at some point.

Life really is a freaking roller-coaster isn't it?

Press forward... damn the torpedoes! Who knows what 2016 might bring my way?
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