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The behaviour you describe strikes me as weird (picking up the kids from school and taking pictures of your house without telling you), but not illegal (he isn't barred from seeing the kids, and he's not interfering with you if he's outside your house). Whether it's creepy or not depends a lot on the personality of the ex. Does he have poor social skills, such that he lacks the courage or the ability to talk to you about wanting to see more of the kids? Or is he more the type that does borderline-stalkerish things to get at you?

I like the suggestion of being proactive and sending him a note saying "hey, I hear you've been coming to the kids' swimming events and walking them to school. If you'd like to spend more time with the kids, let's work out a schedule where you get more one on one time with them".

The "no kids, no money" emails are nonsense and should be ignored.
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