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Not knowing all your details it would be hard to make a judgement whether or not this is creepy or you should be concerned for safety.

But that being said is it at all possible you could approach him and ask him what his intentions are.

If he wants 50/50 and therefore offset CS etc, and you are heading to court for a final order would it not be in the interests of the children to make an offer.

Joint custody, week on and week of parenting. Holiday sharing, offset CS and proportionate Section 7. A clause about school district and mobility.

Lots of posts on here which would guide you to the optimum clauses to include. Why go through court. You said you have an interim order so I would assume you are headed to court and having someone else make all the decisions. Would you rather bot be in control of your own childrens life.

Taking a positive proactive approach puts you in control not some" old " judge! And likely save heartache and money!

My 4 cents worth!
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