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Yes it sounds to me like he wants more of a relationship with his kids.

He made a move to be closer to them (Nothing wrong)
He wants to see them learning how to swim. (Nothing wrong)
He wants to see them each day even if for a few minutes (Nothing wrong..IMO)
He wants a week with his kids. (Nothing wrong)

It doesnt bother me that he wants to ve involved, i am finding it bothersome to find out after the fact.
Perhaps he's afraid to be told no to parenting time with his kids, (like he was with the week he requested).

I agree with SOTS .. looks like he may be seeking 50/50 soon.

A lot of father's take off, party, enjoy a kidless life..... then there's us, the one's who fight day and night to see our kids .. We're not in the bar ... we're here on odf spending countless hours trying to figure out how to see our kids more in this twisted system...wondering how the hell it's ever came to begging to see our own children.

Like Blink, I agree the covert stuff could be perceived as creepy I suppose ... but the guy wants to see his kids more and is trying to find ways how. Dont make him try to find ways by doing things like denying him a week with them, or being stressed about him watching them learn how to swim. Adhere to the maximum contact principle and help facilitate ways for him to see them more.

My $0.02
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