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I would be concerned about the texts, being pictures if your home to the kids and threats to you regarding child support.

I don't know that it's a safety issue for him to be picking up the kids and dropping them off before and after school. Odd? Yes, but nit necessarily a safety issue, but rude that he didn't mention it to you. You should know where your kids are on your time and be confident that they are where they are expected to be. If the kids are ok with it I would leave that part alone. Him moving to your area would be seen as a good thing as he is closer to the kids. Unless otherwise stated in your agreement, he is entitled to be at swimming but it is weird that he's being so covert about it.

You should be concerned about some of it, mostly the texts and not keeping you informed that he is picking up the kids on your time. The alternative is that you take them to and from school.
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