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Default Safety concerns

Can someone please define stalking for me I am not sure if this is appearing as as such, please don't assume im looking for negative this is truly a genuine safety concern(not a threat a concern i am feeling)

My ex has recently moved a few blocks away from me, he will not give me exact address.
I have interim prime
Yes i adhere to eow access order

I have just learned that he has been waiting down the road in the mornings for our children to walk to school he has been picking them up there n dropping them off at school also he is waiting across the road from school n picking them up after school he drops them off down the road from our house. He has not informed me of this.

I have also learned he is showing up at swimming lessons unexpected.
My oldest has received pictures (via texts)from him asking about the xmas decorations in front of our house.

he emailed me a few weeks back asking me for him to have the children for a week, i agreed to a couple of days plus the weekend, he responded with "unacceptable if you won't let me see the children then i will go another route"
He texted me 2 days ago "no kids, no money"

i have been very accomodating to his last minute requests and unscheduled parenting times in the past, and he constantly accuses me of alienating him, he accuses me via email of mental abuse towards the children, child abuse etc.,

Should I have concerns like I do?
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