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"They may say that once the house is sold you will have more money so they may hold off until that is done. Nothing is a slam dunk. "

This is correct. I will have more money once the house is sold. And this is why I'm only wanting to use an undue hardship claim while the house has not sold, because it's the reason I don't have the money to pay the offsetting CS right now. If I had the money to pay to put into a no interest bank account for possible later back payments, I'd just pay it to her now. It's not that I don't WANT to pay the CS right now, it's that I can't. I just don't have it. Every penny I have is going towards paying the mortgage and taxes, insurances, car maintenance and fuel, clothing for the kids because she took half, food for me and the kids, cleaning supplies, toiletries, taking the kids out for something cheap to do like public skating or play dates, Christmas presents for the kids so they'll have some to open when the time comes. Normal daily life expenses.

I don't have cable. I have internet, but I'm a computer guy so it's actually a necessity for me for work, not a luxury. I have a cell phone, but no landline so it's not a luxury either. A person needs a phone number to get by in life. I think the only "luxury" I have is that I take myself out for dinner once every 2 weeks after I get paid and then I take the kids out twice every week I have them. I haven't run the numbers for November yet, but I'm pretty sure all my "luxury's" have actually come from money that I don't have (adding some debt) but I'm doing it anyway because I can't deprive myself or my kids of everything while she's living large and taking vacations south of the border.
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