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I think what mcdreamy is trying to point out to you is merely some forum rules:

1. If you do, as you say, "extensive research" and use another author's work then you must site that particular author. You may very well have researched very hard and provided this "extensive research" in an email to your lawyer but you still are obligated to site your source. Just because it is in a personal email from you to your lawyer doesn't make it automatically exempt from need to site your source.

2. In future posts (where you use someone else's idea) it might be helpful to put in the link and then cut and paste a very small portion of it onto a post. In doing this you are emphasizing the passage and there is no need for bolding.

3. Many people view the forum threads when they are out in a restaurant or in a park or ... while on their hand-held devices and simply do not want to read a weighty tome, rather are more interested in people's posts.

I am sure you will contribute titillating posts for our reading pleasure. We just ask that you keep the textbook cut-paste to a minimum in the future.

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