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Originally Posted by mcdreamy
Thank you for the link. I could not find NewOrleansLawyer's post to cite nor do I believe readers / members of this board are not intelligent.

The base of information I provided OntarioDaddy did stem from NewOrleansLawyer but the extensive research and depth is mine, as it is a direct copy and paste from an email to my lawyer.

A private message to address your accusation would've sufficed. I would have had no issue posting NewOrleansLawyer's post link for additional foundation. No offence intended. If necessary, an apology and compliments goes out to NOL. It has been helpful to my case.

I am not sure what emphasis is offensive or lost for TapaTalk users, McDreamy. Could you explain?

Thanks again.

Otherwise, peace on this board. PMs could rectify (personal?) issues prior to displays of harming online reputations that have no ill intent.
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