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Originally Posted by BF View Post
OntarioDaddy, this is the research I have sourced regarding the new BC family law:
I was going to ask you to cite your source(s), as citing sources is a rather particular required internet courtesy for both the author(s) of your source and for the forum readers. I know I personally wanted to follow your source and read other comments, but I'm also of firm belief that the majority of our forum members are intelligent enough to follow the links and read thoroughly, follow comments, etc., without the pursing.

I'm also not fond of quoting entire volumes of text, as anyone who is trying to follow via Tapatalk loses much of the screen. For future consideration, links are the way to go. And in most scenarios, we don't need the emphases.

But urrrrgg.. seriously? It appears you owe OrleansLawyer an apology for plagiarism.. That's what happens when you don't cite your sources -- People go looking for them.

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