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Originally Posted by Janibel View Post
True enough^^^ Any caring parent will do anything and everything possible when faced with this situation - panic mode is natural when our children's safe whereabouts are concerned. No place for apathy.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and should be dealt with in criminal courts. Allegations should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have any consequences in family court - otherwise it's nothing more than posturing for financial gain.

As a survivor of long term DV, my only wish is that those who make these false claims are held accountable to the highest extent of the law.

Countless lives are ruined by "fakers" who abuse the system when there are so few resources made available to help true victims both male and female. The reality of family court is that whoever gives a better show, has the most aggressive lawyer, makes up the most flat-out lies ... gains advantage. This has to change .....

In my case, I had ER photos, many years of police interventions until formal charges were made. Ex was prosecuted and found guilty. Easy case with no ambiguities. The majority of cases are not so cut and dry, this is where the courts go wrong - in assuming that a so-called victim is telling the truth.

My heart goes out to those falsely accused ...
I believe you are on the ball, especially with the red I've highlighted. Fakers are indeed fakers. The law does not recognize this and it indeed destroys lives. You are right, it should be corrected as study after study, "fakers" are a growing problem.

I thank you for your input. I am glad this discussion has taken off to possibly provide hope and change to a system that affects so many families.

The root is essentially "the children's best interests" but a liar / faker is not aligned with that way of thinking. Recognition of this requires advocacy IMO.
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