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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
The person who has had false accusations made against them is often the victim IMO.
Thanks for your response.

However, little recourse is available through various provincial family laws to relieve the victim. Years pass by while it continues to abuse the (genderless) victim over and over. The victim generally finds themselves grasping for any and all sustainability against a power imbalance.

You're right. False accusations are often against the victim. It's a cycle that family law does not seem to recognize in many provinces. Should such a victim lose ability to see children / custody due to a malicious and abusive opposing litigant?

My understanding is the court sees this all the time. LF32 is a popular case on this board. When does change take place? I am with hope the 2013 BC domestic violence law is adopted across the nation. Where Ontario is generally the trend-setter, BC has it right -- for either gender. My honest opinion.

Arabian, I thank you for your response. I hope for others as well.
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