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I'm glad that there won't be any more repercussions from this incident - but it doesn't strike me as an instance of false accusation. By his own account, the OP grabbed his ex to make her leave the house - in other words, used physical force against her to compel her to do something against her will. This is pretty close to the legal definition of assault. There is no indication that the OP or anyone else was in danger from the ex, and it may be that she had the right to enter the house (not clear from the information given).

It sounds like it was a heat-of-the-moment thing, with lots of yelling back and forth, but even so, as HammerDad says, the OP was in the wrong to use physical force. I think the takeaway from this is not "hurray, another false accuser exposed" but "never, ever lay hands on your ex or a whole can of worms will open up".
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