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I tried going to court but the judge would not hear anything I had to say she kept saying we don't want to hear that. My son apparently stated by my ex in her affidavit will kill me if the court makes him see me and there is no reason for these feelings yet when I ask the judge if she can get a psychologist involved to see if this is a possible case of parental alienation syndrome she says Mr... we don't want to hear about that. What am I supposed to do if the judge will not even listen to a thing I have to say I wrote up a huge affidavit responding to all the lies my ex has made and the judge did not even read it. The children have their own lawyer and she is all buddy buddy with my ex and her new partner but when I try to talk to her she just walks away. I am so frustrated I think the system is messed up even if you don't. Why make us spend money to get a court order anyways when I have done nothing wrong and I have joint custody of my children why do I need an order anyways, she doesn't. I am out of words and lost the fight I am tired and feel like giving up.