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Originally Posted by Franklin View Post
You blew your chance to make a better way for yourself. It,s all pain for a little gain. I think you know that more than any one, scary thing is how hard it is to be selfish for some of us and so easy for the rest of us.
I am disappointed with you, and the police of course discouraged you from charges as makes for less paperwork for them and an easier night. Total selfishness.
I agree with you about the police not wanting to go the extra mile to help out a father who wants what's best for his children - though this apathy you mention extends to mother's as well. Most of us who have been involved in abusive relationships will attest to that fact.

What I find disappointing is your black and white attitude about this situation? Links didn't blow his one and only chance, are you kidding me? His selfish Ex will be up to her tricks in no time at all - when the time is right, he'll have all the proof he needs.
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