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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
Just to be clear I didn't call right away because even if my wife came at me with a knife she probably wouldn't be able to hurt me. I wasn't in imminent danger, I was just concerned about the traumatic effect it was having on the kids and once they were on their way to the rooms I would have gotten her out of my house.

Thank god, I didn't lay a hand on her.

These things happen fast.

I didn't call immediately afterwards because I was evaluating it and all the consequences... a mom in my situation would get sole custody for sure in such a scenario and so calling is a no-brainer, its a winner, for a dad like me - I feel it almost hurts me in that respect... she can punch me all she wants I don't want to jepordize my custody trial in December...

I will let you all know what happens next.
I appreciate the feedback.
You're right about that statement - though the same would be true if more men ignored the stigma, the hurt pride and the police - and went ahead and pressed charges.

Regardless of what you decide to do, please, get a hidden camera installed so that the next time (and there will be a next time, no doubt) you will have more than hearsay on your side to make your case.
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