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I am a male and I have 2 children a son that is 15 and a daughter that is 12. I have not been allowed access to my children now for over 5 years with one visit 4 years ago that was supervised. I have done nothing to warrant my children not wanting to see me. This all started when my new wife came into the picture then the access started to be denied until it was cut off all together. The reasons my children give are as follows: Daddy bought me a TV and I could not take it home (tv was to stay at Daddy's house for her to use when she was up for a visit) Daddy left us with a babysitter a couple times and was not around for the visit (I occasionally had to do so as I work would interfere with our visit, but only for a few hours not the whole visit and only maybe 3 times in the 10 years I had visits) or Daddy yelled at us and was negative towards us. ( what parent never raises his voice and I was never negative towards them) Daddy often lied and broke many promises (I never lied to my children and I never broke promises) This is so frustrating I mean children from a normal relationship are going to have things they don't like in life, for instance being left with a nanny but that doesn't mean they don't want to see their parents anymore, its sickening to me that a court can look at this and say oh yah of course his children don't want to see him he's a monster. sorry needed to vent!