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Links buddy. Forget all this coo coo talk of making stuff up like Franklin 's telling you. That's insane. (Sorry Franklin...but making stuff up should be discouraged at every angle my man).
Listen to Janibel ... press charges. She can't be coming to your place punching you in front of your kids. End of story. Do something about it. I would have right away.

You're a guy.....yep the cops laughed at you...we knew that would happen. (I'm not on the gender thing but really ....what would have happened if manly Links showed up and punched a girl in the stomach).... there would have been fireworks with the cops). Society's not quite there yet.

Don't worry if it makes your life harder. You're doing the right thing by pressing charges.

Why didn't you do it right away ppl ask? Easy .. you didn't want the reaction from the authorities that you got when you did call. Like I said ... society needs to catch up with the times. Girls can punch ... and that is just as much violence as when guys punch.

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