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In my situation letting my wife abuse the children and I mentally emotionally and physically without doing anything really seemed to have made her do it more and more and seemed to have make her think it was ok to do it and she would even blame me and the kids for all of it....your wife might be somehow thinking if there is nothing being done about her actions that she feels its ok and it might get worse and it probably makes her feel good doing it and feels its all your fault that she is abusing you and she is in the right....or worse might back pedal after finding out your going to press charges and start saying you were abusing her....too bad there are people out there like this. Hopefully things start getting better for ya soon rather then unpredictable or worse.....stay strong for the kids!

I wish I would have pressed charges and moved things forward a lot earlier in terms of the abusive situation and selling the house. We are not all perfect though.
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