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Mayham is the weapon of family court and if you do not use it it will be used against you. I wonder if your x has considered reporting you punched her. You will be arrested immediately the kids will say otherwise but first things first, cops don,t care they arrest you remove your kids from you make criminal court date 2 months from now until then you on criminal court restraining order.
Going to family court to deal with it is pointless as criminal supersedes family, making further delays, and when the truth comes there will be not a consequence or a cost to the accuser and by then the punch from your x may just be swept under the rug with the delay.
Think about it you have no choice but to be the first to report it, it is not important that police do nothing for you as this may at least protect you from a assault charge just because this will turn into to much work for the cops, it is the way the system plays us against ourselves.

Now think positive , screw her to the wall with this, claim pain from the jagged punch and the traumatizing effects your children have been through and add a whole bunch more made up stuff. How you can't work now and your bowels are tied up and the look of terror in her eyes and the look of helplessness in the eyes of your children and the real story about how your whole married life has been this way and you tried to live through it but need help as your a victim of this predators violent past that has now come to light and now you know how you must find the courage to confront this evil to protect THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILDREN.

This is what a great lawyer does. Lies and convinces others to believe in their client , male or female, yes gender matters, females have more credibility right of the bat. That not a fact that is just the way we are. I am a man I will protect a woman out of instinct and I don,t know why and don,t care. It is what it is

Ya it is all bull, but family law is all bull so fight bull with bull and do something about it. And if your feeling guilty, remember you are doing this for your kids and do not stop reminding yourself of that. More pain more gain.

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