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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
I called the cops... they came and were like why are you calling us to get an advantage in a custody battle? That really pissed me off... Exactly the type of cynical attitude I didn't want to face. They said if we do anything, we're going to end up going to arrest your ex-wife right now or tomorrow. They actively discouraged me from filing the complaint said its going to make life hard, my kids will be questionned etc... At the end they left their number and said think about it...
ugh if you wanted for a few months or brought it up just in court then it would be for an advantage in a custody battle IMHO. I feel for you, with my ex there were no kids for a custody battle but it was like the cops just didn't want to get involved even though I had clear bruises on my neck from him strangling me. I don't think its a gender issue, its just the police not wanting to get involved in domestic disputes. If the cops always side with women then why didn't they arrest my ex??The only way they finally paid attention is after I went to the JP and had a restraining order put into place. There is nothing to think about, file the charges. The kids will be questioned but hell they were right there when it happened. If your ex gets charged and goes to court over this and gets some sort of punishment (most likely probabation and anger management sessions if there is no previous record) then will you stop saying that its all gender biased??
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