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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
My ex-wife is half my size...
She is a woman and I am a man....
I have heard too many tales of men reporting abuse only to be shutdown...

I have been a through a "fair" court system where my ex admitted in court to lies which wrongfully earned her advantages and judges refused to correct the error on the basis of flimsy excuses that even when I explain to lawyers they don't understand... I have been to appeal only to be told that even though the judge committed an error in law his judgement is still valid anyways...

I was kicked out of my house with 48 hours notice, for no other reason except my ex-wife asked and was forced to hand over 95% of my paycheque over a year and then 2/3 of my pay for another 2 years.

My ex-wife is still unemployed 3 years later (a 35yr old university graduate) and she is going to try increase spousal support...

So SoTs, that is the context of why I am curious to see what becomes of this so called "gender neutral zero tolerance domestic violence" stuff.

I spoke to my kids, they think i should report it too. They are very level-headed good kids, I am so proud of them and they know that her behaviour is out of bounds.

I told them I don't think anything would happen to their mom (I don't want her in jail or anything). I told them the cops will probably ask them for their version and they were ok with that.

I will call the cops tonight and see what they say.

I am sort of wondering what the consequences are of this.

-Judge some how blames me for causing conflict and uses as an excuse not to grant shared custody in December.

-She later punishes or intimidates the kids for speaking against her.

-She gets a criminal record - can't get a job, and I have to pay her more...

Other twisted negative repercussions...


I have no shame or any other of these emotional issues associated with abuse though my ex tried her best to abuse me in and after my marriage, some people are just crazy and that's it. I recognized what she was doing and I put a swift end to it. It is really just the court system that completely blows me away... The legal system is the true abuser...

I feel for ya....went through a lot of the same sorta stuff....Co-workers got sick of me whining about it, as well as everyone else....I just think of the positives now, I have my health, I have a great relationship with the children and they are healthy, the system is geared towards helping the women in these situations, its natural. My doctor, my lawyer, my union, my boss, the police, the cfs lady, the candian mental health association counsellour all admit if I were a woman in this same position, things would be a whole lot different. I understand that a punch, a smashing on a door, a death threat, and verbal and physical child abuse is a lot more scary from a man than a woman, but its such a battle to get any kind of help or to be taken seriously as a man....even when your just trying to make life more calm and better for the children.
Corporate america treated me at my job different than a woman in my exact situation, I could do nothing and nobody gave 2 sh1ts. In the end it was if you don't like it leave....thank gawd for family helping me out when I needed it!

Anyhow the cops giggled at me on the phone when I had the same kind of complaint as you and said they don't want to kick the bee hive, they opened a file, took a statement and said I should do my best to steer clear of the women, if I feel threatened face to face with verbal or physical threats that I can not avoid in the future, I should call them Immediately and not call them the next day like the last time, and they would talk to her or them. I have a feeling a judge would even get upset at wasted time when a man presses abuse charges on a woman.

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